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The monegasque Federation is :

Affiliated to the World Federation of Krav-Maga logo fede krav world 200

The World Federation of Krav Maga's President is Dr Gaby Michaeli.

The Monegasque Krav Maga Federation's President (F.M.K.), Claude Pouget is tor the W.F.K.M. : executive committee member,  technical committe member, international referee

8 Les Dirigeants de la Fdration Mondiale WFKMW.K.M.F executive committe : from left to right : E. Benhamou, A. Formaggio (France), C. Pouget (Monaco), S. Kovacevic (Autriche), G. Michaeli (Israel, WFKM President) , J. Serfati (Representant the French Federation President : F. Didier), A. Monselato (Italie), M. Fesler (Israel), A. Vilkin (Bielorussie)

Approved by the Monaco Government

The Monegasque Federation of Krav Maga, created in 2001, is approved by Prince Government (equivalent of the Delegation in France) by Ministerial Order, n ° 2012-42, of January 26, 2012 (Journal de Monaco, dated 3 February 2012 - Official Document).

Recognized by the Monegasque Olympic Committee

(Official document).


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  claude Pouget President, Director and General secretary
Mr Claude Pouget
  felicia Pouget Vice-president and General treasurer
Ms Felicia Pouget
  ceceile Gelabale Vice-president
Ms Cecile Gelabale
  thomas Brezzo Vice-president
Maître Thomas Brezzo


Ms Cécile Gélabale

Maître Alice Pastor

Maître Thomas Brezzo



Technical director
Mr Claude Pouget

Technical advisor
Maître Thomas Brezzo

Technical advisor
Monsieur Gérard Pouget


President and General secretary
Mr Claude Pouget

Vice-President and General treasurer
Ms Félicia Pouget

Ms Cecile Gelabale


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