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Krav Maga enables to deal with all sorts of physical aggressions that can occur.


The techniques taught are practiced by men, women, children as well as certain military and police bodies throughout the world . The learning and progression is fast. Defense techniques are simple and logical. Teaching is taught in a context of legitimate defence and with simple methodes, accessible to all.

This discipline is taught at all levels (training by groups and workshops) including specific physical preparation for everyone. It will improve Your tone and muscle strengthening. It is not necessary to bu supple or in an exceptional physical condition.

Optimise your physical and mental capacities, evacuate your stress, lash out in all safety. It is practiced with full and adapted padding and present no risks.

The Krav-Maga, taught at the academy, will strengthen the mastery and self-confidence within the framework of ethical values: an art of living and well-being

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Self Defense Krav Maga at the Academy

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